Commercial Property

As per Wikipedia, Commercial Property is defined as ” The term commercial property (also called commercial real estate, investment or income property) refers to buildings or land intended to generate a profit, either from capital gain or rental income.”

In the current scenario of real estate, investors need proper planning before its purchase. It is preferable if they are inclined towards the ready to move in commercial properties. As per reports, office space this year saw an impeccable resurrection in Zirakpur. For those looking to invest in real estate today, investing in a commercial property can be a better option. Given the over demand of commercial real estate space, office spaces & commercial hubs are being sought by Indian & NRI investors. Also, this segment holds scope for both capital appreciation and regular income through monthly rentals.

Here are some factors that make Zirakpur a prime location. A function of its overall accessibility within the city, the quality of infrastructure that supports it, the saturation of high-profile companies represented there, and the overall quality of buildings in the sub-market. Here’s the checklist before investing in Zirakpur commercial investment:

  • How is the connectivity to office property?
  • Is the office property close to major opportunity hubs?
  • What is the demand-supply gap?
  • What is the tenant profile of the location? Which industries prefer it and what is their growth potential?
  • Does the location have good social infrastructure such as restaurants, malls, shopping centers etc.?
  • Is the location well-planned or has it grown with increased requirements
  • Are there a lot of commercial space transactions happening in this location?
  • Do the buildings have a modern look and feel?


If the answers to most of these questions are positive, then it’s a healthy investment for all.


The City Court is one such ready to move in commercial property at Zirakpur. The project is strategically located on National Highway 22. The project is surrounded by a majority of residential hubs in the nearby locality. One of the most prime advantages is that availability of commercial space in a location where hardly any retail space/ commercial area is available for investors and the industry belt is at a measurable distance. The project is already occupied by various MNCs and is an iconic project that stands tall today at the frontline of the city.

For More Information click here: City Court