Putting your hard earned money for buying a house in Derabassi could be your life’s biggest investment. This is why you need to prepare yourself financially to minimize the risk. The need for buying house sale in Derabassi could be fulfilled without making your wallet run out of money. All you need is to do a little math to make your life easier. Start from calculating your budget to know if it will be in your purchasing capacity or will slip out of your hands. Know your EMIs before you actually take the loan and draw a picture of the savings you have any savings you can keep for the future purchase of an independent house in Derabassi.


The accurate your calculations are, the better will be the forecast of your financial status for fulfilling the financial commitment for your home purchase. Here’s a way to help your dreams accomplish to buy house in Derabassi without struggling with cash crunch:

1 Plan Out Your Budget Precisely While Buying House in Derabassi

When preparing for buying duplex house for sale in Derabassi, don’t stretch your EMIs beyond 40 percent of your take-home money. Let’s explain you with a relevant example. Let’s say your take-home salary is 1 lac rupees. Then, the EMI amount should not exceed Rs 40K threshold per month. Fine, so you are paying 40K for the EMIs per month for best location house in Derabassi, then let’s calculate the total amount you pay.

Let’s say that bank charges you 9.75 percent rate of interest and the loan tenure for repaying the amount is 15 years. The figures come to 38 lacs rupees. So, if the bank is supporting you with 80 percent of the total value of the property and leaves 20 percent for you to pay, then you should buy house near Derabassi worth around 47 lacs. Should you need to consider kothi sale in Derabassi which is worth more than 47 lacs, then you need to add your spouse’s income to get a higher loan amount. But make sure that you have a steady flow of cash from your spouse’s income for the years to come or else, the whole calculation will collapse and you will be on a road to lose your commitment.

2 Learn How Not to Struggle With Down Payments

Also, you need to have enough money in your savings to pay the remaining 20 percent of down payment to buy house sale in Derabassi. For your information, usually, all banks ask you to pay 20 percent down payment first and then the bank pays the remaining part of your loan amount to help you support and buy house sale in Derabassi. If you have plans to purchase an independent house in Derabassi within the next 3 years, you can even invest money in low-risk investments such as fixed deposits and FMPs. Since the returns are higher on these investments, you will have your down payment ready for helping you buy a house in Derabassi from these investment sources.

The Bottom Line

Dreaming big to buy duplex House for sale in Derabassi to meet your need of growing number of family members? Obviously, you need to plan out your financials like a pro with no exceptions. It’s possible to get best location house in Derabassi but with a serious budget planning and sticking to it. Gift a luxury house near Derabassi to your family members but with peace of mind ensuring that you can fulfill the financial commitments without any doubts. Investing in kothi sale in Derabassi could be your wisest investment even if you make it happen with a sound financial planning.

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